Holidays on Texel

Texel has a lot to offer! You can see and do a lot!

Relax in nature or choose for sports activities such as hiking, cycling, golfing and even parachuting.


Whether you want to learn how to skydiving, make a tandem jump or already have many jumps, Paracentrum Texel has everything to make your jump a success.   Le terrain de golf De Texelse est situé au milieu d'une région dunaire magnifique et étendue. De Texelse est un cours public, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez également réserver une heure de départ ici en tant que visiteur de vacances.

If you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of culinary occasions, from simple restaurants to a starred restaurant.

You can enjoy a walk along the beautiful beaches or relax in your beach chair.
Texel has over 30 kilometres of snow-white sandy beaches, but also the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. Every season the Texel beaches are different, so it is always nice to go to the beach!
Discover the Texel nature! The nature on and around Texel is fantastic. Nowhere else can you find so many different landscapes on such a limited area as on Texel. A large dune area, extensive beaches, the mud flats and salt marshes with special vegetation. But also meadows and fields, sloping terrain and polders. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can you see so many different bird species. Thanks to the variety of landscapes, they all find their own food here. Texel is a year-round destination for a weekend break or a long holiday and breeding ground. And because of the location of Texel, migratory birds arrive here en masse to recharge their batteries during their trip around the world.

Texel is a year-round destination for a weekend break or a long holiday.